Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scriptural Rejoicings through Gospel Doctrine

The insights you  will find here regarding the scriptures pertain to their deeper symbolic meaning. I have spent nearly fifty years seeking to understand such meaning. My searching and study have led to over twenty articles published in The Ensign, but also in The Encyclopedia of Mormonism, The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, and in Meridian Magazine. I often draw upon that past material in these postings.

My studies have led to the publishing of several books: How We Got the Bible; The Unveiling of Biblical Prophecy; and The Lord's Holy Days, with publishers like Deseret Book and Granite.  I have been blessed with opportunities to teach Gospel Doctrine classes in several wards, and to present at several church-wide CES Symposiums as well as Education Week.

As new technologies have developed, and my studies continue, I am pleased to share some of the things that inspire me online. In addition to studies which generally parallel the Gospel Doctrine lessons, I have posted others items under the title "Christ's Wondrous Works."

I feel my contributions have two special values. (1) I may be the first woman to have published commentaries on all of the scriptures; (2). I have been among the first to explore the deeper symbolism of all the scriptures, particularly those things which taught of Jesus Christ and of the restoration of His Church in the latter-days. I feel blessed that my writings have inspired many others in their own research, writing, and teaching. May we all continue to seek and to find, and to share those things which strengthen our knowledge and testimony of the Father and His Son, Jesus the Christ. We will be enriched for doing so.

Lenet Hadley Read